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Check our latest conceptual project. Hope you enjoy!


Driven by our fascination with photography and older compact cameras in particular, we decided to model the Lomo LC – A camera.

When we want to create an accurate copy of an object, the best way to do so is to seek a starting point somewhere in real life, not just trying to mimic a photo or a drawing. For that reason, the old Lomo camera we had at our disposal was indeed of a great use. We studied the shape, materials and mechanism and created a 3D model of this fascinating old camera.

The 3D model itself in product design renderings is generally introduced in studio light so that the quality, shape and materials can be carefully evaluated. However, it can be rendered in any environment and story – telling scenery, depending on further purpose of the project.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more interesting and engaging topics!

Front photo of Lomo LC-A camera

Top view of Lomo LC-A camera

          Render of Lomo LC-A camera in studio lighting

          Render of Lomo LC-A camera in studio lighting

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